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Our fairground themed platform has been designed to support individuals’ mental health and wellbeing through interactive games and activities.

We aim to provide an engaging, playful environment for mental health professionals, such as counsellors and psychotherapists, to encourage clients to embrace their playful, imaginative, creative selves, which in turn promotes health and wellbeing. The COVID pandemic has highlighted a need to be flexible about finding ways to be creatively supportive, whilst being unable, at times, to be together in person.

Therapy Fairground invites you to ‘be’ together in a therapeutic virtual space. As you journey with one another to different areas of the Fairground, discover attractions that support and explore communication, development, self-awareness, emotional challenges and more. Fairgrounds frequently create a sense of intrigue, excitement, fear and joy. Due to their often transitory nature, they can also generate a sense of mystery: Where did it come from? How long will it stay? Where will it travel to next? Fairgrounds create a moment in time, where you are invited to try something new, explore something different and create memories as souvenirs. 


Pack some playfulness and carry your curiosity with you, whilst you and your client(s) adventure to therapeutic locations within the Fairground to explore, collaborate, pause and reflect. We hope the activities within the rides enable explorative movement and shifts within your therapeutic work together. The platform aims to create an interactive space in which your client(s) may dive, spin, whirl, slide, hook, rotate, creep and more into their life experiences to inspire and encourage therapeutic support, emotional growth and change.

The Fairground has been designed with an emphasis on the professional ‘hosting’ the experience, just as they would in the literal therapeutic space. Clients are encouraged to communicate where they would like to explore and what they would like to interact with in the Fairground, without the potential for over immersion, which may take place on gaming platforms. Through the shared screen and Remote Control settings, the professional can ensure sessions are client-led, whilst attuning to their therapeutic needs and managing supportive boundaries. 


Take the lead or be guided by your therapist as you journey around Therapy Fairground. There are no right or wrong ways to participate in the games and activities on offer. The instructions are invitations. Remember to go at your own pace and do as much or as little as feels comfortable for you on your visit.

With the support of your therapist, the Fairground aims to encourage your imagination, curiosity, creativity and sense of play. Find your own unique way to explore the elements on offer. Remember it’s okay to feel nervous, unsure, challenged and excited – all feelings are welcome. Embrace your ability to choose; to agree or to say no. The Fairground is here for you to explore your self-expression, develop your self-awareness and engage with the support of others. We wish you luck and confidence on your exploratory adventure.

What's in our identity?

Therapy Fairground identity

First and foremost, therapy, the therapist, and the therapeutic benefits are the driving force behind this platform.

The ‘Play’ icon represents its playful heart. This is given containment and structure within the symbolic Ferris Wheel.

Fairness, transparency and value are paramount, with the client at the centre, highlighted with the ‘i’ in lowercase.

Grounding is an important feature at the end of therapy sessions, helping clients feel present in the here and now.

Our Core Pillars

Our core pillars of connection, creativity, wellbeing, and being playful, have been developed with an understanding that these elements promote positive mental health. Move your cursor over our pillars to learn more…

Core pillar 1



Therapy Fairground encourages literal connections, in person or online. Reflective activities support symbolic connections to be made within one’s inner world, whilst the therapeutic relationship encourages connection with another.

Core pillar 3



Therapy Fairground provides an interactive landscape empowering playful communications, child agency and self awareness. The child-led activities and games enable exploration of social skills, imagination and emotional development.

Core pillar 2



Therapy Fairground provides ideas to enable creativity, imagination and self expression. Activities encourage the client’s own ingenuity, understanding that creativity promotes and develops positive mental health.

Core pillar 4



Therapy Fairground encourages wellbeing by offering choice and autonomy whilst exploring and reflecting on self care. These elements are all therapeutically attuned to and supported by working alongside a trusted, intuitive adult.

"Let’s find out what makes children healthy and do all we can to give that to them."

Therapy Fairground is proud to operate as a Not-for-Profit Organisation

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