Visitor Guide

When visiting fairgrounds it may feel overwhelming and can be hard to know where to start. To help, we’ve created a quick guide below to enable you to get your bearings, when first passing through the turnstiles at Therapy Fairground. Start here before pressing play…

Wander around

Are you prepared for your first visit to the Fairground? We would recommend setting aside appropriate time to explore the platform by yourself or with a colleague to familiarise yourself, so you are no stranger to navigating the Fairground before inviting your client(s).
Our Mission
Step 1

Technical jargon

Are you confident using video conferencing software and Remote Control technology? Visit the Technical Help page for more information and a simple 'step-by-step' guide to help to reassure you. Remember to close down all other browser tabs on your device during your visit.
Technical help
Step 2

Explore Resources

Are you looking for inspiration for your next session? We’ve provided a series of Session Plans to support or guide your therapy sessions. For further ideas, browse the curated collection of resources connected to each ride page.
Session Plans
Step 3

Invite your client

Are you ready to invite your client(s) to the Fairground? Before they arrive, we advise you select an appropriate ride, read the game/activity instructions, and check the therapeutic themes. As a final check, please read our Member and Client Privacy policies.
Privacy Policy
Step 4

Themes at a glance

Ferris Wheel

Hall of Mirrors

Haunted House

Helter skelter



POETRY Platform

Bumper Cars

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